Women Mesh Stitching Yoga Pants

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$17.99 $20
Material composition: 92% nylon, 1% polyester, 7% spandex
Because the fabric uses a blended material of fine nylon and spandex, it is excellent in perspiration property, moisture permeability, quick-drying property, comfortable feeling of comfortable feeling of comfort, relieves stickiness of the skin due to sweat, Even make it comfortable and dry.
The double wide waistband is hard to dig into the waist, it fixes and gives a sense of stability without tightening the abdomen. Even active movement is easy to move without stress.
Mesh change: The mesh fabric switching design on the site, outstanding breathability · beautiful leg effect up.
Super-versatile sportswear for all fitness & sports including jogging, walking, yoga
With a stylish design, it shows a beautiful S-shaped line of a woman from the whole silhouette. Hip line looks beautiful.

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